Tulcidious is another name for Love.

The Tules exist as personal reminders of major themes in your thinking. Their largest purpose is to help establish an ethical foundation for humanity, based in a committed and responsible relationship of stewardship with the natural world.

“Every moment all the time you have the freedom and permission to Trust Yourself and to Love Yourself, and throughout your daily life to make the choice for Love over fear.”

The gift of the book, Tulcidious, Ascension to Love & Wisdom, A Vocabulary for Conscious Human Thought, is the Tules ((pronounced “tools”), a set of 29 small wooden objects, pictured below. The Tules are a self-help mechanism and exist to help you free yourself from the less than empowering impacts of childhood experience and culture. They exist in three groups, indicated by their shapes which are visible in this photo ~

If this image is slow to load, you may see it at the Tules link, above.

This second image shows you the faces of all the 29 Tules. To order your set of Tules, with a summary sheet that explains each briefly, the book that explains each in detail, and a cloth bag to carry them in, go HERE.

At THIS LINK you will also find a less expensive version of the Tules in the form of a set of cards that are packaged with the book and the cloth bag to carry them in.

If you would like to begin by reading the book, you can order that alone HERE.

To connect with the creator of the Tules, write to MRMeng@Tulcidious.net.

It could not possibly be obvious from a first glance at 29 small wooden objects that they can serve as an introductory pathway to understanding all existence.”